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Good Faith Estimates

Now required under the law, health care providers need to give patients who don't have insurance or who are not using insurance an estimate of the bill for medical items and services.

What does that mean for your practice?

You may find that it is yet another administrative task that needs to be completed.

If you are seeing clients with insurance, it is ideal to check their benefits to get an estimate for services, anyway.

So, now that it is a requirement; it NEEDS to be done.

Well, Good Faith Estimates are now available in Simple Practice!

The ready to go template makes things a lot easier for people like me and you.

When we check insurance benefits for your client, we now have a seamless place to enter the information that we find. In addition to retrieving a fax or insurance payer portal printout to upload to the account, there is now a much easier way to send an email to a client outlining their estimated responsibilities for service.

The Good Faith Estimate will be stored in the client portal account, alongside other documentation that can easily be sent to the client via secure email from simple practice.

I know, I know. It does not magically get rid of the fact that you need to check insurance benefits ( We can do that for you! )

What this new Simple Practice feature does make happen;

  1. Relief in the email communication kinks of communicating benefits to clients
  2. Minimize security risks with client portal communications
  3. Appropriately stores a legally required administrative document

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