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3 Revenue Boosting Reasons you should be using Simple Practice

In this quick entry, we're going to highlight 3 revenue boosting reasons you should be using simple practice as your practice management system

  1. Automated invoicing - This is one of my favorite features as a biller. You have to admit, even from an administrative perspective it’s a very useful feature.
  2. Secure client Portal - Who doesn't love a super useful HIPAA compliant communication system; including the delivery of super bills, invoices and statements, documents, etc. We use Simple Practice as an EPM system to communicate information with our clients ( Mental Health Providers). We also often recommend the use of this system for Mental Health Practices, as we know it extremely well.
  3. Auto pay / Secure payments with Stripe - If you don't know about Stripe, find out! We love that stripe is the payment processor for Simple Practice, as we were already using Stripe prior to our SP migration. Stripe makes it easy to collect and store payment information securely. Since it is integrated directly into your Simple Practice account, all you have to do is sign-up for credit card processing.

With the proper set up of your Simple Practice account, you can use these 3 tools to help streamline your invoice creation and collection process. No revenue cycle is without leaks, but minimizing them with the right tools can help boost to revenue around your current efforts.  

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