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Behavioral Billing Consultation

Get the Medical Billing support you need. Focus on serving your clients.

Key Information

Our Team is lead by an AAPC Approved Instructor, Certified Professional Biller, Revenue Cycle Manager, and Corporate Trainer.

Find other key details about our services below. Please enjoy our complimentary consultation to answer any of your remaining questions.

Behavioral Billing HIPAA Compliant

Our Services

Medical Billing & Medical Coding

Certified professionals on staff

EHR Migration

  • Data Migration
  • eMPI Remediation - Reconcile client accounts


  • CAQH updates
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Group Credentialing
  • Insurance Payer contracting and enrollments


  • EDI - Electronic Claims Submission
  • ERA - Electronic EOB
  • EFT- Direct Deposit from Insurance Payers

 Intake Scheduling

  • Custom HIPAA Compliant service inquiry form
  • Appointment Setting
  • EHR Data Entry

 Insurance Benefit Checks

  • Client Demographic Verification
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification


  • Pre Authorization request submission
  • Post Authorization request submission

 Insurance Billing

  • Electronic Claim Creation
  • Electronic Claim Scrubbing
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Electronic Claim Reconciliation

 Accounts Receivable

  • Payment Posting
  • Claims Denial Management:
  • Outstanding Claims Research and Status Retrieval
  • Claims Corrections
  • Appeals Submission and Management

 Soft Collections

  • Client Billing Support (email)
  • Outstanding Balance outreach



Frequently Asked Questions

Can we enroll without a discovery call?

Yes! Click Enroll Now. There you will find our current subscription tiers. Choose your plan. Afterwards, you will be redirected to implementation forms so we can get things started.

What happens after the discovery call?

After you book your discovery call, you will receive a summary of what was discussed. There you will find an implementation questionnaire, service details, subscription pricing and more.

When you decide to enroll; you will enter the key details about your practice and services needed.

How does your Subscription Billing Services work?

Once you've completed implementation, you will be billed once monthly for services. No long term contract. No cancellation fees. That's it.

Is it possible to change/cancel my services?

For sure! Change or cancel your plan at any time. You simply need to advise your account manager of any additional or no longer needed services in writing, with 30 days notice.